H-8000 Wired Voting Processor

Product ID: H-8000
Short Description:

Support 150 voting units
Could extend up to 500 units via power extension unit

Manual Book Download:
- H-8000.pdf

The central voting processor provides power to the vote unit and collects the voting data.

The processor has two-group 8P-DIN port for system connection, each processor can connect 150 vote units.

This voting system is suitable for the Peoples's Congress, Government, enterprises, ect. 

◆ Building-in voting CPU

◆ Support 150 voting units, could connect more than 500 units via extension

◆ In combination with the corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented:
1) Voting function (yes, no, abstain)
2) Electing funtion (singel-ballot and multiple-ballot)
3) Scoring (100, 75, 50, 25, 0)

◆ Count results automatically within 1 second after ballot

◆ Support IC card sign in, key press sign in

◆ The processor can communicate with the equipment by RS232 interface

 Item  Parameter
 Power Supply  AC110V~240V/50Hz~60Hz
 Consumption Rating  100W
 Control Type  RS232
 Color  Black
 System Connection  8-PIN DINx4
 Data Communication  RJ45x2
 Dimension (mm)  480x240x45
 Installation  19 Inch frame
 Net Weight (Kg)  2.7


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