Product ID: F-31/F-41/F-51/F-61
Short Description:

Rated power: 15W/20W/30W/40W
Line input: 100V
Speaker driver: 3½"/4"/5"/6" PP + 1" tweeter

ABS on wall mount cabinet speaker with PP woofer speaker driver, 100V voltage input.

Speaker driver size:
F-31: 3½" PP woofer + 1" Mylar tweeter, rated power: 15W
F-41: 4" PP woofer + 1" PEI tweeter, rated power: 20W
F-51: 5" PP woofer + 1" Silk tweeter, rated power: 30W
F-61: 6" PP woofer + 1" Silk tweeter, rated power: 40W

 Model  F-31  F-41  F-51  F-61
 Rated power  15W  20W  30W  40W
 Power taps  -  -  -  -
 Line input  100V
 Sensitivity (1m,1W)  88±3dB  89±3dB  89±3dB  88±3dB
 Frequency response  100-20KHz  70-20KHz
 Woofer speaker driver  3½"x1 PP  4"x1 PP  5"x1 PP  6"x1 PP
 Tweeter speaker driver  1"x1 Mylar  1"x1 PEI  1"x1 Silk  1"x1 Silk
 Product dimension (mm)  130x115x195  170x150x215  182x162x242  215x190x284
 Frame material  HIPS
 Grille material  Powder coated Iron mesh
 Color  White / Black
 Product net weight  1.7Kg  2.2Kg  2.5Kg  3.5Kg
 Gross weight  8.5Kg/4pcs  11Kg/4pcs  12Kg/4pcs  17Kg/4pcs
 Packing dimension (cm)  29x27x27  36x34x28  40x38x31  45x43x36


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