CM12 6 Zone Remote Paging Microphone

Product ID: CM12
Short Description:

6 zone remote paging
2 built-in bell signal
RJ45 connector

CM12 is a multifunctional remote paging microphone, connected by CAT cable with main host, and between microphone and microphone.

Each microphone is able to control 6 partitions.

It is also possible to control any partition separately or to switch on and off any partition on one-key basis, showing a high extent of humanization.

Multistage expansion is supported.


◆ Level indication
◆ Up to 6 partitions under control
◆ 2 built-in bell signal
◆ Adjustable volume of microphone and bell
◆ RJ45 socket is used for connection between microphones, support cascading connection

 Mic input sensitivity  10±2mV (unbalanced input)
 Line input sensitivity  2±0.1V (balanced input)
 Signal output  2±0.1V (balanced output)
 Frequency response  Mic: 100Hz~15kHz (±3dB)
 Line: 20Hz~20kHz (±3dB)
 Signal to noise ratio  Mic input ≥60dB
 Line output ≥70dB
 Dimension of equipment
 (L×W×H mm)
 Packing size (L×W×H mm)  282×200×264
 Net weight  1.9kg
 Gross weight  2.6kg


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