Mixer Amplifier

Matrix mixer amplifier is commonly used in commercial installations such as conference rooms, auditoriums, stadiums, and performance venues. It combines the functions of a matrix mixer and an amplifier, providing advanced audio routing and distribution capabilities.

Matrix mixing allows for flexible routing and distribution of audio signals to different zones or areas. Unlike a traditional mixer, which usually has fixed input-output assignments, a matrix mixer provides the ability to route any input source to any output zone. This allows for customized audio distribution and zoning configurations. They offer a wide range of input and output options to accommodate various audio sources and destinations. These inputs can include microphones, line-level sources, media players, and audio interfaces, while outputs can connect to amplifiers, speakers, or audio distribution systems.

Matrix mixer amplifiers provide individual control over each output zone, allowing for independent volume adjustments, equalization, and audio processing. 

Support zone paging functionality, enabling the broadcasting of announcements or emergency notifications across specific zones or all zones simultaneously. They may also offer integration with other building systems, such as fire alarm systems or paging microphones, for enhanced communication capabilities.

PM-906/PM-912 8x4 Matrix Mixer Amplifier with Paging/USB/Bluetooth

Rated power: 4x60W/4x120W
Combined with paging, USB and bluetooth
3 MIC input, 5 AUX input, 4 AUX output

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