WEP-9115T/WEP-9125T/WEP-9150T/WEP-9110T/WEP-9250T/WEP-9300T 15W/25W/50W/100W/150W/300W Wireless Power Transmitter

Product ID: WEP-9115T/WEP-9125T/WEP-9150T/WEP-9110T/WEP-9250T/WEP-9300T
Short Description:

Hi-fi stereo power transmitter
Long distance transmission
Mono/stereo mode switchable

Manual Book Download:
- WEP9115_EP9125T.pdf

WEP-9115T is a wireless PA transmitter developed specially for radio broadcasting system transmitting FM frequency.


This equipment is able to output high definition audio signal, with RDS sub-carrier decoding and high-reliability signal encryption technology, it is possible to prevent the illegal insertion of broadcasting; the built-in gas discharge tube is used to protect the equipment from lightning in order to guarantee the safety in the broadcasting system.


This equipment can be used indoor or outdoor like college, factory, park, square, and playground. Together with the wireless transmitter, multi-function control host, and high-definition horn or column loudspeakers, you can build a complete broadcasting system.


◆ 1U Aluminum-alloy panel, LCD display

◆ Control up to 1000 zones through control host (PA-7005)

◆ High-definition stereo output, long distance transmission

◆ Friendly display interface, easy understanding

◆ Frequency range: 76MHz - 108MHz, transmission frequency adjustable within effective range, avoid same frequency point interference

◆ Transmission power adjustable, applied for different transmission distance

◆ Dual channel input signal level LED indicator

◆ Mono/stereo mode switchable


Transmission distance:

WEP9125T 2~3KM
WEP9150T 3~5KM
WEP9110T 5~8KM
WEP9250T 8~10KM
WEP9300T 10~12KM
 Model  WEP9115T  WEP9125T  WEP9150T  WEP9110T  WEP9250T  WEP9300T
 MAX transmission power  15W  25W  50W  100W  150W  300W
 Transmission distance  1~2Km  2~3Km  3~5Km  5~8Km  8~10Km  10~12Km
 Working temperature  -10°C ~ +50°C
 Transmission frequency range  76-108MHz
 Frequuency interval  0.1MHz
 Radio frequency output impedance  50Ω
 Mode frequency modulation  FM
 MAX frequency deviation  75KHz (stereo mode)
 Pre-emphasis time  50μS
 Control mode  RS232, 9600bps
 Addressing ability  1000 zone
 Channel resolution  ≥42dB
 S/N ratio  63dB (stereo mode)
 Frequency response  20Hz - 15KHz
 Audio input impedance  10KΩ
 Audio distortion  ≤0.1%
 Control host  PA7005 host (control range of 64 zone)
 Power supply  AC220V / 50Hz
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