Product ID: SUB-4080
Short Description:

Rated power: 80W
Power taps: 10/20/40/80W
Line input: 70V/100V/8Ω
4 channel satellite speakers output
6.5’’ paper cone woofer

Enhance your commercial space's audio experience with our 6.5 Inch 80W Passive Wall Mount Subwoofer featuring a 4 Channel Satellite Speakers Output. This audio powerhouse is designed to elevate your background and foreground music system, delivering exceptional sound quality and versatility to meet your every need.

SUB-4080 Subwoofer

Key Features:

Immersive Sound: With a commanding 80W of power, this passive wall-mounted subwoofer creates a captivating audio atmosphere, filling your space with deep, resonant bass and crystal-clear high-frequency sounds.

Satellite Speaker Output: The four-channel output allows you to connect additional satellite speakers, distributing sound evenly and ensuring your audience enjoys a fully immersive audio experience.

SUB-4080 Subwoofer

Space-Saving Design: Designed for wall mounting, it saves valuable floor space while adding a touch of elegance to your environment, keeping your walls clean and uncluttered.

Crystal-Clear Audio: This subwoofer is engineered to reproduce music and speech with remarkable clarity, providing the full spectrum of sounds for an unforgettable auditory experience.

Built to Last: Crafted with commercial 70V/100V and 8 Ohm use in mind, this speaker boasts durability and reliability, capable of delivering consistent performance day after day.

Sleek and Modern: Its contemporary design effortlessly blends with any interior decor, catering to those who appreciate both style and substance.

Effortless Installation: Setting up this wall-mounted subwoofer is a breeze, making it accessible to audio professionals and beginners alike.

Versatile Applications: Whether you require background ambiance or foreground audio excellence, this subwoofer is a perfect fit for restaurants, retail spaces, offices, and more. It enhances your ambiance, engages customers, and ensures clear communication.

Elevate your commercial space's audio game with the 6.5 Inch 80W Passive Wall Mount Subwoofer with 4 Channel Satellite Speakers Output. It offers top-tier sound quality and flexibility, making it a valuable addition to your music system. Whether you aim to create an immersive atmosphere or convey important messages, this speaker will meet and exceed your audio expectations. Upgrade your audio setup today and let your space resonate with brilliance.

 Model  SUB-4080
 Woofer driver  6.5" paper cone, rubber surround 
 Frequency range  40Hz-200Hz
 Power handing RMS (IEEE219)   150W
 Power handing RMS (program)   80W
 Sensitivity  86dB±3
 Power taps  80/40/20/10W/0/8Ω
 Line input  70V/100V/8Ω
 Termination  Pluggable terminal blocks
 Attachment  Brackets, grille
 Dimensions (HxWxDmm)  290x150x350
 Cabinet material  Wooden
 Finish material  Faux Leather Vinyl
 Net weight (kg)  8.5
 Gross weight (kg)  10.0
 Product dimension (LxWxD)   36.7x29x15 cm
 Packing dimension (LxWxD)   43.5x37.5x26.5 cm

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