PM-210U/PM-310U/PM-610U/PM-1010U 6 Zone Mixer Amplifier with MP3/Tuner

Product ID: PM-210U/PM-310U/PM-610U/PM-1010U
Short Description:

Rated output power: 60W/120W/250W/350W
Combined with MP3/Tuner/USB/SD card inputs

Manual Book Download:
- PM-210U_PM-1010U.pdf

◆ 6 channel integrated mixer/zone amplifier
◆ Combined with MP3/Tuner/USB/SD card inputs
◆ Individual channel volume selection and output level indication
◆ 4 MIC inputs with volume selector and 3 AUX line inputs
◆ 1 line output for additional mixer/amplifier
◆ 4-6Ω single speaker output, 6 channel 100V output
◆ 2 levels priority muting function: MIC 1>chime
◆ Treble and bass volume control separately
◆ LED digital tube displaying volume, playing status, programme number and etc.
◆ 5 LED meter for monitoring volume output in each zone
◆ Output short circuit protection and caution

 Model  PM-210U  PM-310U  PM-610U  PM-1010U
 Output Power  60W  120W  250W  350W
 Output Regulation  ≤3dB from off-load to full load
 Speaker Output  4-16Ω single output and 6 channel 100V output
 Input  MIC: ≤ 3mV (unbalanced)
 Line: ≤ 300mV (unbalanced)
 Frequency Response  80Hz-16KHz (±3dB)
 Distortion  ≤ 1% at 1KHz
 S/N  MIC: ≥74dB
 Tone  Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz
 Treble: ±10dB at 10KHz
 Protection  DC voltage; overload; short-circuit
 Muting Function  MIC 1 overrides other signal inputs
 Power Requirements  AC220-240V/50-60Hz
 Power Consumption  120W  250W  500W  650W
 Gross Weight (Kg)  11.7  13.5  16  17
 Net Weight (Kg)  10  11.5  14  15
 Dimensions (mm)  418x88x338


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