Product ID: PM-2107C
Short Description:

Combined with MP3/MP4/CD/VCD/DVD/FM/AM/Bluetooth
Stereo L/R output

This multi audio player is coming with with CD playback, radio and Bluetooth function;

Supports a variety of audio playback, including CD, USB, SD, Bluetooth and FM/AM radio signals (can store 40 stations respectively);

Full light touch button control and blue LCD display with high brightness to display clear working status of the audios;

1-way mixed output
1-way Bluetooth stereo output (L/R)
1-way radio signal stereo output (L/R)
1-way CD/MP3 audio stereo output (L/R)

Mixed output supports simultaneous output of 3-way audio of Bluetooth, radio signal and CD/MP3, which meets various requirements in the application scenes.


 Model  PM-2107C
 Laser Player  Maximum output voltage 1KHz -10dB signal  1000±100mV
 Frequency response range  20-19KHz(±1dB)
 THD  ≤0.3%
 Noise  ≤0.02mv
 USB  Maximum output voltage  1000±100mV
 Frequency response range  20-19KHz(±1dB)
 THD  ≤0.3%
 Noise  ≤0.02mv
 SD  Maximum output voltage  1000±100mV
 Frequency response range  20-19KHz(±1dB)
 THD  ≤0.3%
 Noise  ≤0.02mv
 Bluetooth  Maximum output voltage 1KHz -10dB  1000±100mv
 Frequency response range  20-19KHz(±2dB)
 THD  ≤0.3%
 Noise  ≤0.06mV
 Distance  Best within10M
 Radio function(FM/AM)  Maximum output voltage  1200±100mV
 Amplitude limiting sensitivity  -80dB
 Frequency response range  40-10KHz(±3dB)
 Distortion  ≤0.2%
 SNR  ≥60dB
 Store/Memory function  40 pcs
 Protection  AC fuse
 Power supply  AC110-120V/60Hz/35W
 Packing dimension (mm)  534×350×110 (L×W×H)
 Machine dimension (mm)  483×210×44 (L×W×H)
 Gross weight (Kg)  4.4
 Net weight (Kg)  3.65


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