PA-9823TS Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host

Product ID: PA-9832TS
Short Description:

Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, alarm, microphone and 4G mobile phone paging

 Item  Parameter
 Input  Ground input  DTMB, F(75Ω)
 Line input  DVB-C, F(75Ω)
 FM input  F (75Ω)
 ASI input  BNC (optional)
 IP input  100/1000Mbps,UDP协议
 GPRS receive module  Support SMS and telephone remote emergency paging
 2 group AUX input  RCA
 Balanced audio input  XLR (optional)
 AES/EBU input  XLR (optional)
 RDS input  BNC (optional)
 USB input  USB connector
 Audio file format: MP3
 2 Mic input  6.35mm and 3.5mm
 Output  ASI output  BNC (optional)
 IP output  UDP prototal, 100/1000Mbps
 AUX output  RCA
 Monitoring speaker  3W
 Monitiroing output  3.5mm
 RDS/FM output  F (75Ω)
 2 timing power supply  220V 5A
 Parameter  Receiving mode  Support DVB-C/DTMB/FM/IP
 Receiving frequency range  DVB-C: 30MHz~999MHz
 DTMB: 30MHz~999MHz
 FM: 87MHz~108MHz
 Frequency output range  87-108MHZ
 RF signal input level  DVB-C: -80dBm~0dBm
 DTMB: -85dBm~0dBm
 FM: ≤-50dBm
 Audio coding  Decode  MPEG-1 Layer 2
 Frequency  48KHz
 采样精度  24-bit
 码率  64Kbps
 System  LCD screen display, press key control
 Temperature  0~45℃(working);-20~80℃(storage)
 Power supply  AC 100~265V±10%,50/60Hz
 Standby consumption  <35W
 Output power  Amplifier output  120W (100V)
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