HS-8250 12 Zone Digital Multi-room Music System

Product ID: HS-8250
Short Description:

Build-in MP3 player, FM & AM tuner
12 zone video output
12 independent zone output

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- HS-8250.pdf

◆ Build-in MP3 player, FM & AM digital tuner; HDMI input/output

◆ Support external USB port, MP3 program input (flash disk, portable hard disk, MP3 player)

◆ Provide with line audio signal output for zone 1 & 2, DVD/TV video input and 12-zone video output

◆ Video switching function provided.The video is switched in synchronization with the audio input

◆ Talk back is avaiable between rooms

◆ 12 independent zones outputs, each zone operate separately

◆ The 1st zone is provided with 5.1 home theater output mode, fiber optical and analogue input mode. And the others are dual stereo channel

◆ Timer control function provided. The user may edit 100 timing points. With one week as a cysle, it is possible to execute timer control over the ON/OFF switching, audio source, volume, clock, AM/FM radio, MP3 play and output power ON/OFF for 12 zones

◆ One AC220V power socket provided, with its switching state interlinked to the switch of zone. You may switch on any of the zones to switch on this power output. This power putput is switched off when all the zonesare switched off. Timer controll over its switching state is provided

◆ Infrared learning function provided, so that it can learn the remote controller of any brand

◆ RS232 remote controll port provided, so that the user may controll the functions of this device via central controll equipment

◆ Inductive touch keys are designed for panel, with two controll modes available, i.e. local

 Item  Parameter
 Number of zones  12 zones
 Zone 1 is 5.1 channel, with 5 channels having PA and SW channel having line output
 Zone 2-12 are of dual stereo channel.
 Communication port for wired remote controller  RJ45
 Cerntral control port  Type-D socket RS232
 Line input sensitivity  250mV (+-25mV)
 Line input resistance  >10k ohm
 Zone output frequency  Zone 1 (5.1 channel): 120W/4 Ohm (L&R), other channel 60W/4 Ohm
 Zone 2 to zone 3: stereo output 2*60W/4 Ohm
 Zone 4-12: stereo output 2*20W/4 Ohm for each zone
 Total power for all outputs not over 450W
 Frequency response  20Hz-20KHz(+-0.5dB)
 Taltal harmonic distortion  Less than 0.2%,1/3 rated output power at 1KHz
 Output adjustment ratio  Less than 3dB from full load to no load
 Tone control  Bass: +-10dB(100Hz)
 Treble: +-10dB(10KHz)
 S/N ratio  >76dB
 AUX audio output  Stereo output for zone 1 and 2 : 1V(+/-0.3V)
 Video  Video input: 1V(P-P), 75Ω
 Video output: 1V(P-P), 75Ω
 PA output protection  The zones 1,2 and 3 are provided with output short circuit protection, overload protection and DC protection as well as protection lock.

 The zone 4 to 10 are provided with output short circuit and overload protection

 Power supply  AC220-240V/50-60Hz
 Power consumption  <600W
 Power supply protection  AC220V/F6A
 Product dimension (mm)  430x400x132
 Packing dimension (mm)  555x555x250
 Net weight (Kg)  21.6
 Gross weight (Kg)  25.8


  • MP3 Player Parameter


 Item  Description
 Format supported  MP3, at bit rate of <320kbps
 Compatible storage  Compatible with most mobile storages utilizing USB interface
 Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB)
 T.H.D  <0.2%


  • AM/FM Tuner Parameter


 Item  Description
 AM  Frequency range received  522-1620kHz
 Sensitivity  52dB μ
 S/N ratio  35dB
 Pass band  6KHz
 T.H.D  0.2%
 FM  Frequency range received  87.0MHz-108.0MHz
 Sensitivity  18dB μ
 S/N ratio  75dB for mono, and 70dB for stereo
 Pass band  15KHz
 T.H.D  0.6%
 Stereo crosstalk  35dB


  • Timer Parameter


 Item  Specification
 Programmable Control Power  1-channel (real-time grid voltage)
 Socket Capacity  220V/2A
 Time System  24-hour system
 Programmable Timer Counts  100 points every day, unrepeated for the whole week
 Programmable Items for Zone

 a.   Zone ON/OFF
 b. Selection of audio source
 c. Volume control
 d. Treble / bass control
 e. MP3 play control
 f.  AM/FM control
 g. Ringer ON/OFF
 h. Output power ON/OFF

 Programmable Ringer Types  3 types


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