Product ID: H-P200/H-P350/H-P450/H-P650
Short Description:

2-channel, parallel or bridged
2*200W (8Ω), 2*350W (8Ω)
2*450W (8Ω), 2*650W (8Ω)

Manual Book Download:
- H-P200_H-P350_H-P450_H-P650.pdf

◆ 2-channel, parallel or bridged, mono operating modes for flexible application

◆ Independent limiters for each channel offer dependable protection against distortion

◆ Precise signal and clip LED indicators to monitor performance

◆ High-current toroidal transformer for absolute reliability and lowest noise emission

◆ Independent DC and thermal overheat protection on each channel automatically protects amplifier and speakers

◆ "Back-to front" ventilation system including air filler will automatically adjust fan speed for smooth operation

◆ Balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs

◆ Professional connectors compatible to Speaker and "touch-proof" binding post loudspeaker outputs enable secure operation

 Model  H-P200  H-P350  H-P450  H-P650
 Power supply  AC 220V 50~60Hz
 Input sensitivity/Impedance  500mV/20KΩ   500mV/20KΩ   500mV/22KΩ   500mV/20KΩ 
 Output power  8Ω  2x200W  2x350W  2x450W  2x650W
 4Ω  2x350W  2x550W  2x650W  2x850W
 Bridge 8Ω  600W  850W  1050W  1550W
 Frequency response  20Hz-20KHz
 S/N  >90dB
 T.H.D.  <0.05%
 Channel cross-talk  <-70dB
 Channel impedance  4~16Ω
 Net weight (Kg)  12  13  14  19
 Produce dimension (LxWxH) mm   430x430x125
 Color  Black


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