Product ID: H-66A
Short Description:

200 programmed UHF channels
Frequency: UHF 740MHz~789.75MHz
Transmission range: 100m

◆ New energy saving mode, automatic EQ control, tone correction and IR frequency sync function

◆ Using a high frequency SAW filter to maximally filter out interfering signals

◆ Build-in audio compression expander circuit greatly improves SNR

◆ Unique audio compressor design effectively eliminates whistle

◆ Frequency synchronization between any receivers and microphones in the system is realized


System Specification: 

 Workding Frequency  UHF 740MHz~789.75MHz
 UHF 610MHz~659.75MHz
 Modulation  FM
 Frequency Channel  200
 Switching Bandwidth  250KHz
 Dynamic Range  >100dB
 S/N Ratio  >105dB
 T.H.D.  ≤0.5%
 Frequency stability  ±0.005%
 Max Deviation  45KHz
 Frequency Response  80Hz-18KHz(±3)


Receiver Parameter:

 Receiving Mode  DPPL
 Medium Frequency  110MHz, 107MHz
 Antenna Connection  BNC/50Ω
 Sensitivity  12dBuV
 Sensitivity Adjustment Range  12~32dBuV
 Noise Rejection  >75dB
 Max Output Level  +10dBV


Transmitter Parameter:

 Antenna  Build-in
 RF Output  <10mW
 Noise Rejection  -60dB
 Transmission Range  100m
 Power Supply  2pcs AA batteries
 Battery Life  10 hours in normal power; 12 hours in low power


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