H-590 UHF Wireless Microphone

Product ID: H-590
Short Description:

Frequency: UHF 470MHz-960MHz
Tone lock to protect anti-jamming

◆ Adopt UFH 470-960MHz PLL frequency synthesizer technology

◆ Adopt multi-channel high band and intermediate band frequency selective filtering, fully eliminate interference signal

◆ 250 programmed each channel, compatible UHF frequencies within the band width in 100KHz frequency steps

◆ Build-in feed back eliminating technology which can decrease the feedback and noise effectively

◆ Build-in multiple noise detecting circuit and TONE-LOCK system to make sure the system has strong anti-jamming function

◆ Perfect performance with the best chips and components; adopt SMD original mount design to enhance the product quality and stability

◆ Operation distance up to 60 meters with the best condition, 40 meters in normal condition

◆ Frequency and channel are locked to protect anti-jamming function


 Carrier Frequency Range:  UHF 470MHz-960MHz
 Modulation:  FM
 Max Deviation Compressor:  ±25KHz
 RF output:  30mW
 T.H.D:  <1%
 Frequency Stability:  20ppm
 Frequency Response:  60Hz-16KHz
 Pressure limit sensitivity:  -70 ~ -98dBM
 Pilot carrier frequency:  32KHz
 Current consumption:  100mA
 Temperature Range:  -20 ℃ -50 ℃


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