EVAC-8500 8 Zone Voice Alarm Evacuation PA System Center

Product ID: EVAC-8500
Short Description:

500W digital amplifier
8 zone speaker output
Integrated with Dante
Comply with EN54-16

Manual Book Download:
- EVAC-8500.pdf

EVAC-8500 voice evacuation system is an EN54-16 Integrated Voice Alarm PA System which supports timing programming and manual operation (manually prioritized), supports real-time detection equipment operation status and operation log records. It meets the “EN54 - Part 16 Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment” Automatic Control System for Fire Protection” standard. This broadcast system is a small emergency system, can be used in fire emergency broadcast, daily business broadcast and background broadcast, like small shopping malls, office buildings and exhibition halls.


8 zone speaker output (could be extended up to 1000 zones)

Built in 500W digital amplifier, integrated Dante technology

One button alarm, built in EVAC message & Chime

Support line detection of speakers (heavy load or short circuit or open circuit)

8 Zone speaker output with individual volume control

Support remote zone or zone group paging

DC battery backup monitoring

Real time monitor with EMC microphone for emergency situation evacuation

8 dry contact trigger input/output

DC24V override output

Support 100V speaker AB line output with impedance supervision

Support PC control and build-in timer

Comply with EN54-16 standard

 Model  EVAC-8500  EVAC-8500E
 Rated output power  ≥500W (100V)
 Input sensitivity  Emergency mic  5mV 600Ω  -
 Line  1000mV 10kΩ
 Harmonic distortion  Emergency mic  <1% 1kHz  -
 Line  <1% 1kHz
 Freq. response  Emergency mic  80Hz-15kHz (±3dB)  -
 Line  50Hz-18kHz(±3dB)
 Signal to noise ratio  Emergency mic  >70dB (A weighting)  -
 Line  >80dB (A weighting)
 Line output  Output voltage  1000mV  -
 Frequency range  80Hz-15kHz (±3dB)  -
 Harmonic distortion  <1% 1kHz  -
 System connection control contact output/input  System fault relay output  Short circuit, no voltage
 Emergency mode relay output  Short circuit, no voltage
 Fire reset input  Short circuit, t≥0.5S, no voltage
 8 channel dry contact output  Short circuit, no voltage
 8 dry contact input  Short circuit mode  Short circuit input, no voltage
 Level mode  3.3V~24V
 Voice message  Data format  WAV  -
 Storage form  SD card  -
 Storage time  >10 years  -
 Working power  AC  AC 220V/50Hz
 DC  DC 24V/30A
 Package size (mm)  550×510×215 (L*W*H)
 Machine size (mm)  483×420×132 (L*W*H)
 G.W. (Kg)  14  13.3
 N.W. (Kg)  12.05  11.75


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