ED-120C/ED-240C/ED-360C/ED-480C/ED-600C 5 Zone Digital Mixer Amplifier with CD/MP3/USB/FM Tuner/Remote Paging

Product ID: ED-120C/ED-240C/ED-360C/ED-480C/ED-600C
Short Description:

Rated output power: 120W/240W/360W/480W/600W
Combined with CD/MP3/USB/FM Tuner/Paging function
6 MIC input, 3 AUX input
With remote paging MIC input

Manual Book Download:
- ED-360C.pdf

◆ Rated output power: 120W/240W/360W/480W/600W
◆ Combined with CD/MP3/USB/FM Tuner/Paging function
◆ 6 MIC input (3 XLR), 3 AUX input, MIC1 with priority muting function, input individual volume control, treble & bass & master volume control
◆ 5 zone 100V speaker output, 1 zone 4/8Ω speaker out (ED-120C/ED-240C/ED-360C)
◆ 2 line amplifier input, 2 line amplifier out 
◆ With remote paging MIC input (RJ45 interface)
◆ Telephone paging function (Euro block)
◆ Music on hold fuction (Euro block)
◆ Siren & Chime function
◆ LED indicators: Power, SIG, -20dB, -10dB, 0dB, CLIP & protect, zone selector

 Model  ED-120C  ED-240C  ED-360C ED-480C ED-600C
 Rated output power  120W  240W  360W 480W 600W
 Output / Impedance  100V(83Ω), 
(8Ω), 22V(4Ω)
(8Ω), 31V(4Ω)
 (8Ω), 38V(4Ω)
 Audio play output  0dB / 600Ω balanced
 Pre-amplifier output  0dB / 600Ω unbalanced
 Input sensitivity  Channel 1-3, MIC: -50dB to -6dB Variable / 20KΩ balanced
 Channel 4-6, Line: -30dB to +14dB Variable / 20KΩ balanced
 Remote paging, MIC: 0dB / 20KΩ balanced
 Tel-paging: -17dB / 600Ω balanced
 Amp/line in: 0dB/10KΩ unbalanced
 Frequencey response  80Hz-18KHz
 T.H.D.  <0.1%
 S/N ratio  >81dB
 Grapic source (±12dB)  125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz
 Power supply  AC230V, 50/60Hz
 Protection  Overheat, overload
 Net weight  6.3Kg  7.3Kg  8.3Kg 5.5Kg 5.5Kg
 Product dimension (WxDxH)  420x320x88mm
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