Product ID: C-710/C-720/C-730/C-740/C-750/C-760
Short Description:

Rated power: 10W/20W/30W/40W/50W/60W
Line input: 100V
Speaker driver size: 6"

Outdooor waterproof Aluminum material column speaker, built-in 6" full range speaker driver and 100V transformer.

 Model  C-710  C-720  C-730  C-740  C-750  C-760
 Rated power  10W  20W  30W  40W  50W  60W
 Power taps  5/10W  10/20W  15/30W  20/40W  25W/50W  30W/60W
 Line input voltage  100V
 Sensitivity (1m,1W)  93±3dB  94±3dB  95±3dB  96±3dB  97±3dB  98±3dB
 Frequency response  140-15KHz
 Speaker driver size  6"x1pcs  6"x2pcs  6"x3pcs  6"x4pcs  6"x5pcs  6"x6pcs
 Cone material  Paper
 Product dimension (mm)  304x227x125  520x227x125  736x227x125  952x227x125  1168x227x125  1384x227x125
 Frame material  Aluminum
 Grille material  Powder coated Iron mesh
 Color  White (RAL9016)
 Product net weight (Kg)  3.2  5  6.8  8.6  10.5  12.5
 Gross weight (Kg)  3.8Kg/1pc  5.5Kg/1pc  7.3Kg/1pc  10Kg/1pc  12Kg/1pc  13.3Kg/1pc
 Packing dimension (cm)  26x15x35  26x15x56  26x15x78  26x15x100  26x15x122  26x15x143


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