X-808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix

Product ID: X-808
Short Description:

8 input and 8 zone output matrix
4 units connection can extend to 32 zones
Each zone individual remote control panel
32 zones remote paging microphone
DC24V avaiable

X-808 8 Zone Audio Matrix System is a versatile multi zone audio matrix, it is designed to provide a big impact in sound reproduction and to produce the best and highest quality audio experience.

The system is intended to form part of permanent sound system in pubs, bars, restaurants,hotels, offices, factories, terminals, stations, airports etc. where multiple audio sources are in use and need to be easily combined with announcements and/or paging one or more zones.

It is compatible with X-832 remote paging microphone stations which can be extended up to 32 zones.

Each zones volume level and music sources can be controlled by the remote control panel X-808C/X-808CA.

Built in monitor speaker, allow users to monitor each input music sources via RCA connectors.

DC24V power supplier is avaiable.

◆ Full audio matrix with 8 input and 8 output

◆ Totally 4 units of the main unit can extend to 32 inputs and 32 zones output

◆ Totally 4 remote paging microphones can be connected controlling up to 32 zones

◆ 1 phantom paging microphone input

◆ Up to 60 seconds DRP (Digital recording and playback)

◆ 8 contact closer for playing message automatically

◆ Priority: PAGING > DRP > X-832 > X-808C = BGM

◆ 8 BGM input indicators (-20dB)

◆ Easy installation with CAT-5 cable

◆ Balanced output and tone controls (100Hz/10kHz)

◆ DC24V power supplier avaiable

 Item  X-808
 Audio Input  Paging Mic  -50dB ± 3dB(Balanced)
 Remote Paging Mic
 Remote Control Panel Mic
 Remote Control Panel Line  -20dB ± 3dB(UnBalanced)
 BGM 1~8
 Audio Output    0dB(Balanced)
 Frequency Response      Page Mic (100Hz ~ 10kHz)  ±3dB     
 Remote Mic (100Hz ~ 10kHz)
 Remote Control Panel Mic (100Hz ~ 10kHz)
 Remote Control Panel Line (60Hz ~ 15kHz)
 BGM (60Hz ~ 15kHz)
 Tone Control   100Hz  ±12dB±1dB 
 Signal to Noise Ratio   BGM  >80dB
 Mic  >65dB
 T.H.D.   BGM  Less than 0.05% 
 Priority Control  Paging > DRP > X-832> X-808C = BGM
 Recording Time   55 seconds
 Cross Talk   75dB
 Serial Interface 
 Communication Speed  9600bps
 Communication Distance  Maximum 300m (UTP CAT5)
 Operation Temperature  -10°C ~ +40°C
 Power Supply  100-240V 50Hz/60Hz, DC24V
 Power Consumption  35W
 Net Weight (kg)  5.8
 Product Dimension (WxHxD)mm  482 X 132 X 315


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