WS-BT15/WS-BT20/WS-BT25 4"/5.25"/6.5" Bluetooth Wall Mount Speaker

Product ID: WS-BT15/WS-BT20/WS-BT25
Short Description:

Rated power: 2*15W or 2*20W or2*25W
Line input: 8Ω
Woofer speaker driver: 4" or 5¼" or 6½"
Tweeter: 1½"
With Bluetooth input

This active wall mounted speaker system consists 1 master active loudspeaker and 1 slave passive loudspeaker.

The main active loudspeaker "L" builds in 2-channel stereo digital Class-D amplifier, with Phoenix connector ready to connect the passive loudspeaker "R".

* With 3.5mm Mic input jack.

* With Bluetooth input.

* Rated power:
WS-BT15: 2*15W @8 ohm
WS-BT20: 2*20W @8 ohm
WS-BT25: 2*25W @8 ohm

This speaker system is suitable for AV applications such as meeting rooms, classrooms, multi-media rooms, restaurants, coffee bars, etc.

 Model  WS-BT15  WS-BT20  WS-BT25
 Rated power  2*15W@8 ohm  2*20W@8 ohm   2*25W@8 ohm
 Input sensitivity  0.5V
 Speaker driver  4" woofer + 1½" tweeter 5¼" woofer + 1½" tweeter  6½" woofer + 1½" tweeter
 Amplifier  2*15W Class D digital  2*20W Class D digital  2*25W Class D digital
 Audio inputs  Phoenix connectors
 MIC. input  3.5mm MIC jack
 Indicators  LED indicators for POWER "L" louldspeaker & "R" louldspeaker
 Material  ABS enclosure, metal bracket & grille
 Finish  White & black available
 Frequency response  60Hz-18KHz/1W, ±0.5dB
 THD  20Hz-20KHz/1W, 0.05%
 Ratio of damping  >200@8 ohm/400Hz
 S/N  >95dB
 Protection  Over-temperature, overload
 Power  AC 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
 Dimension  215*170*150mm  242*182*162mm  284*215*190mm
 Mounting method  "U" shaped bracket adjustable
 Net weight  4.3Kg (1 main + 1 passive)  4.9Kg (1 main + 1 passive)  6.8Kg (1 main + 1 passive)


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