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Public Address System

Public Address System

Currently we are designing, manufacturing and providing various of Public Address System:

Digital audio matrix (8 input & 8 output)
IP network PA system (support long distance LAN transmission)
Intelligent PA system (multi audio source input, multi zone individual control)
Wireless PA system (support wireles FM audio sigal transission)

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M-6806/M-6812/M-6825/M-6835/M-6865 Network Player Amplifier

Rated power: 60W/120W/250W/350W/650W
100V constant voltage output
1 AUX and 1 MIC input, 1 AUX output

M-808 8x8 Digital Audio Matrix

8 input 8 output digital audio matrix
Support 4 remote paging station
Remote panel control for each zone

M-808C 8 Zone Remote Control Panel

Partition source control and volume control
MP3 play and independent volume control
1 AUX & 1 MIC input

M-808R 8 Zone Remote Paging Microphone

Support 8 zone paging
Built-in 2 chime signal
MIC and chime volume adjustable

M-808S 8 Zone Mini Remote Control Panel

Individual partition source/volume selection
Network port balanced audio output
DC 24V power supply

M-9100 Simple IP Network Public Address System Control Center

Automatically display new zones
Support BGM, paging and alarm
Zone/group management

M-9101 IP Remote Paging Station Microphone

Zone/group paging
Status displaying on screen
No zone quantity limitation

M-9102 32 Channel IP Network Fire Alarm Terminal

32 CH fire alarm input
Support short circuit & 5V-24V signal
Based on TCP/IP protocol

M-9122/M-9124 2 or 4 CH IP Network Audio Adaptor

Based on TCP/IP protocol
2 or 4 Channel audio input
Support DHCP/static IP

M-9131/M-9134 1 or 4 CH IP Network Terminal Player

1 or 4 CH decoding player
Off-line working available
Support external audio input

M-9136 Stereo IP Network Terminal with 2*20W Amplifier

Build in 2*20W stereo amplifier
Off-line working available
Support external audio input

M-9151/M-9152/M-9153/M-9154 IP Network Amplifier

RMS: 60W/120W/250W/500W
Class-D digital amplifier
Based on TCP/IP protocol

PA-7005 Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host

Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, monitoring speaker, alarm, and microphone

PA-9823TS Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host

Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, alarm, microphone and 4G mobile phone paging

PB-9810P 10 Channel Paging Selector

10 Channels paging or alarm
2 MIC & 2 line input
Built-in chime & mute

PB-9810R Remote Paging Microphone

Up to 100 zones control
Built-in 2 chimes
Output volume adjustable

PB-9813D 10 Channel Speaker Selector

2 CH inputs
10 CH outputs
All call button

PB-9815E Emergency Panel

Alarm/siren/record output
Output volume control

WEP-9115T/WEP-9125T/WEP-9150T/WEP-9110T/WEP-9250T/WEP-9300T 15W/25W/50W/100W/150W/300W Wireless Power Transmitter

Hi-fi stereo power transmitter
Long distance transmission
Mono/stereo mode switchable

WEP253/WEP253B Wireless Addressable Receiving Terminal

25W or 50W power output
Wireless addressable receiving

WEP6026Y 25W Wireless Column Speaker

Built-in 25W amplifier
All weather outdoor design
Support AC power, solar, wind

X-DA Honeywell High Efficiency Class D Digital Power Amplifier

X-DA1500/X-DA1500EN (1x500W)
X-DA2250/X-DA2250EN (2x250W)
X-DA4125/X-DA4125EN (4x125W)
X-DA4060 (4x60W)

X-DCS2000/EN Honeywell Digital Integrated System Manager

Supports manual selection source
Supports emergency mic input
4 AUX input, 8 zone output

X-MAP04 Honeywell Digital Multi-audio Player

Integrated with DVD/USB/SD
Support Mp3/FM/AM tuner
2 DVD/USB/SD/FM lines output

X-NPMI Honeywell Configurable Network Paging Console

Provide paging, monitoring
Built-in monitor loudspeaker
Touch screen operation

X-NPMS Honeywell Configurable Network Paging Console

Live paging, audio task delivery
Audio monitoring and intercommunication

X-NRI/EN Honeywell Network Resource Interface

4 AUX input
512MB Flash memory
4G SD card internal audio source

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