PM-1715T Intelligent Program Timing Player

Product ID: PM-1715T
Short Description:

Build-in MP3 player with USB/SD interface
8 set timing program per week
1 set of timing program per day

◆ 4.3" TFT touch screen disply working status, easy operating
◆ Build-in MP3 player, can play audio source from USB / SD interface
◆ MP3 files from SD card can be programmed into pre-set timing program
◆ Can setup 8 set timing program per week, 1 set of timing program per day, 100 time point per set program
◆ Timing programs can be copied from PC to SD card or from SD card to PC for backup
◆ Two monitoring output, LED display output level
◆ One shortcircuit singnal output interface

 Model  PM-1715T
 Screen  4.3" TFT touch screen
 Audio output  1000mV (±50mV)
 Earphone output  1000mV (±50mV)
 Timing power output  220V, 50Hz, max 2000W
 Max output noise output voltage  ≤0.05mV
 Timing program  8 set per week
 1 set per day
 100 timing points per set
 Time system  24-hour system
 Protection  One F 1A AC fuse
 Operating power supply  AC 220-240V/50-60Hz
 Product size (mm)  (L×W×H) 484x365x88
 Net weight (Kg)  7.2
 Outer packing size (mm)  (L×W×H) 530×440×195
 Gross weight (Kg)  9.0


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