PA-7005 Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host

Product ID: PA-7005
Short Description:

Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, monitoring speaker, alarm, and microphone

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The PA-7005 main control host is a multi-functional player, integrated with Timer, Mp3 player, FM tuner, Monitor, Alarm and MIC together. With 2 AUX input, 1 EMC MIC input, 1 AUX audio output, and two serial port communication interfaces. Telephone reception module, mobile phone reception module and network reception module selectable.


Frequency agility controlled by microcomputer, frequency memory and storage, real-time display all functional operations on the screen. It is able to preset the daily playing timing points and program, then the system will broadcast automatically without manual operation.


2 AUX input, 1 EMC MIC input, 1 AUX audio output, 2 serial port communication interface

One-touch-ready alarm function

Equipped with frequency memory and power automatic recovery function

Able to memorize 10,000 telephone number, and set priority

Phone auto-connection enable the phone remote control

AC 220V/50Hz, with a DC 24V EPS for emergency use

 Item  Parameter
 Output level  0dBV
 Build-in sound source  USB play, double FM modulator
 USB decoding format  MP3, WMA
 USB capacity  16G MAX
 S/N ratio  ≥70dB (line)
 Frequency response  50Hz-20KHz (±3dB)
 T.H.D. (at 1KHz)  <1%
 Serial communication port baud rate  9600bps
 Data coding modulator  Radio frequency output  0dBm
 Radio frequency range  76-108MHz
 Double FM modulator  Frequency range  87-108Hz
 Input impedance  75Ω
 Noise limited sensitivity  ≤3μV
 Data broadcast receiving  Support RDS
 Tone range  Treble (10KHz)  ±12dB
 Bass (100Hz)  ±12dB
 Mobile phone module  CMCC 2G network, China Unicom 2G
 Monitoring module  Output power 3W/8Ω; volume adjustable
 Line input sensitivity  250mV (±50mV)
 MIC input sensitivity  3mV (±2mV)
 Power supply input  AC220V (±15%)
 Power supply output  2 controllable output, total 300W
 Power consumption  10W
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