HS-6813 6 Zone Multi-room Music System

Product ID: HS-6813
Short Description:

Build-in MP3/digital tuner
Support external audio input
6 independent stereo audio output

Manual Book Download:
- HS-6813.pdf

◆ Built-in MP3 player, FM & AM digital tuner

◆ Support external USB port MP3 programme input (flash disk, portable harddisk, MP3 player)

◆ With DVD, PC, TV, AUX audio input interface, MP3 and radio audio outputs; all connections through RCA sockets

◆ 6 independent stereo audio output channels connected to 6 zones; independent volume / tone control; optional audio sources input for each zone

◆ Console panel control and remote control available

◆ Timing control is available for 2 built-in audio sources and 4 external audio sources, up to 100 timing points can be programmed each day, and 7 days per week

◆ 1 channel timing control power output (220V) is available for external audio source

 Item  Specification
 Zone Quantity  6 zones, 2 channels and a amplifier for each zone
 Zone Remote Communication Interface  RS-485, CAT-5 for wiring
 Input Sensitivity  250mV±25mV
 Input Resistance  >10kΩ
 Zone Output Power  20W/4Ω
 Frequency Response  20Hz-20kHz(±0.5dB)
 T.H.D  <0.2%, 1/3 rated output power at 1kHz
 Output Regulation  
 Tone Control  Treble: ±10dB/10kHz
 Bass: ±10dB/100Hz
 S/N  >76dB
 Power Supply  AC220V/50-60Hz
 Power Consumption  <200W
 Fuse  AC220V/F2A
 Dimensions  485×88×345mm
 Net Weight  10kg
 Dielectric Strength Test  3500V between each pole of the power supply and
housing/input/output terminal
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