This desktop mixer amplifier provides 60W output integrated with with bluetooth and USB audio player, 3 balanced MIC (MIC1 has another port of 6.35mm socket on front panel) input, 2 unbalanced AUX input, each with individual volume control.

MIC1 has the priority function which overrides other inputs.

Treble and bass separated volume control. TREBLE ontrols the amount of cut or boost of treble frequencies above 10 kHz. BASS ontrols the amount of cut or boost of bass frequencies below 100 Hz.

LED indicators on front panel indicate the power, signal, peak and protection.

Combined with 4Ω/8Ω/70V/100V output, only one output can be connected at the same time, connecting more than one may damage the internal parts.

◆ Built-in Bluetooth receiver and USB player

◆ 4Ω/8Ω/10V/100V output

◆ SMT circuit boards with highly stable performance

◆ Powerful amplifier tubes

◆ 3 MIC sockets support unbalanced 6.35mm jack

◆ Mic 1 has priority overrides other inputs

◆ High-definition LCD displays the working status

◆ Individual volume controller for inputs and master volume controller

◆ BASS and TREBLE tone individual control

◆ Protection: output short circuit, overload, high temperature, peak current limiters


Connection Drawing