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4"/5"/6.5" Fireproof In-ceiling Speaker: L-401THS/L-501THS/L-601THS

4"/5"/6.5" Fireproof In-ceiling Speaker: L-401THS/L-501THS/L-601THS

L-401THS/L-501THS/-L-601THS series in-ceiling fireproof speakers offering two tweeter dome solutions, one is for silk soft dome and the other is Titanium dome.

This series ceiling speakers are built with the right mix of robust audio parts and components to have a balance for affordability and performance, is part of LYINTL’s premium ceiling speakers that are elegantly designed for easy and seamless for multi-room background audio system and high-performance home theater music system.

Frameless magnetic grille design for easy and secure attachment.

This series indoor ceiling speakers are coming with 4", 5" or 6.5" Graphite cone material woofer speaker driver and 0.75" or 1" silk or Titanium dome tweeter, with 70V/100V transformer.

Power taps:
L-401THS: 2.5/5/10/20W/8Ω     (4" graphite + 0.75" silk)
L-501THS: 3.75/7.5/15/30W/8Ω (5" graphite + 1" Titanium)
L-601THS: 5/10/20/40W/8Ω      (6.5" graphite + 1" Titanium)
With fireproof iron rear cover suitable for emergency evacuation system usage.

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